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New Member Information

  • The fee is currently $50/member/session (2 sessions/year - Fall and Spring). This offsets the cost of choir expenses.

  • The rehearsals are held at the Creekside Community Church, located at 36100 County Road 13, Elizabeth, CO. We meet from 6:30 - 8:30 pm, Monday evenings, with a short break after our Christmas concert before we start our Spring session in early January and a longer break in the summer between our spring concert and the start of the fall season in early September. 

  • The holiday concert is the second Saturday in December and the spring concert is the second Saturday in May.

  • At the start of each season, you will receive music. This music MUST be turned in the night of the concert for re-filing in the HPS library. The librarian is maintained by Kim Beebe. and Laurie Paiga Lopp.

  • The choir concert attire consists of a black top and black pants/skirt for women.   Both men and women will add their personal black slacks, black socks, and black shoes. 

  • No auditions are required to sing in the choir. We have a lot of fun participating in the HPS. We laugh a lot. However, a commitment to attending the rehearsals as much as possible is expected.

  • The director will help you decide which section you will sing in if you aren't sure. Each section has a section leader to help you with any questions. If you must miss a rehearsal for any reason, please let your section leader know via phone call or email. The section leaders are Laurie Paiga Lopp (Soprano), Ellen Collier-Zans (Alto), Jim Ramsey (Tenor and Bass).

  • The concerts and the rehearsals the week before the concert are held at the Elizabeth Middle School. The rehearsal the week before the concert are typically Monday and Friday evenings as determined by the choir director. 

  • The choir director is Sheresa Wilbanks. The accompanist is Tia Bowen. The HPS President is Mike Diess, the treasurer is Lil Caldwell, and the Equipment Manager is Bart Caldwell.

  • We also sing at other events such as Memorial Day at the Elizabeth Cemetery, July 4 at Evans Park, Wine in the Pines, and the Tree Lighting (voluntary).

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