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Concerts Through the Years
  2023 Holiday Concert, December 16
 "Small Town Christmas"
  2023 Spring Concert, May 13
  "United in Purpose"
Concert Location

All Concerts are held at:

Elizabeth Middle School (Auditorium)
County Road 13, Elizabeth, CO 80107

  2022 Christmas Concert, December 10
  "A Peaceful, Silent Night"
  2022 Sprint Concert, May 7
  "Songs We Know and Love"
   2021 Christmas Concert, December 11
    "Christmas Together Once Again"
   2019 Holiday Concert, December 14
    "Celebrate the Heart of Christmas"
   2019 Spring Concert, May 4
    "Encore!!! Songs of Stage and Screen"
    2018 Holiday Concert, Dec 1
    "Home for Christmas"
    2018 Spring Concert,  May 5
    "Something for Everyone"
spring 2024.jpg
    2017 Holiday Concert, Dec 2
    "We Need A Little Christmas"
    2017 Spring Concert, May 6
     "Thanks for the Memories"
2016 Holiday Concert, Dec 3
     "A Holiday Rewind"
2016 Spring Concert, May 7
"Broadway Vintage 1950"
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