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Farewell to our esteemed Director, John Dahm

Two years ago, after directing the High Plains Choir for 22 years, John Dahm announced that he had decided it was time to step down from the podium. With tears, sighs, and heavy hearts, we threw a big farewell party for John and started our search for his replacement. Our new director, Robert Larson, was only able to be with us for one year. When John heard that Robert would not be returning in order to take a position oversees, he grabbed his baton and his metronome and graciously agreed to lead us for another year or until we could find yet another replacement. Now that we have found that someone, we once again bid a very fond farewell to our good friend, John. We are so grateful that we've had the opportunity to have one more wonderful year under John's direction. (Taken from Spring 2019 program)

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